a new way to do business

In an industry which is perceived by many to be “shady” we are proud to be able to say we offer total transparency in our dealings with you. We have a new way to do business and we believe that this what the industry needs: a more honest, open and upfront approach to selling and renting houses.

our philosophy

We will not overcharge you, our fees are fixed and our advertising is cost price.

We will not undersell your home, we will never recommend or list your home at a starting price that you are not willing to accept.

We will communicate with you at every stage and only proceed if you are happy to do so.

We will work tirelessly and proactively to secure the successful sale of your home.

fixed cost sales fees

When we sell your home, we do so for a fixed fee agreed up front. Please do not think because we are not working on a percentage of the sale price that we will not put every effort into securing the premium price, if you are not happy with the price our job is to go back and get more until you are happy, after all you and only you can sign the contract. Therefore we will work harder than our competitors to ensure this is the case. We do not take short cuts, we put in the hard yards and are out in the community proactively looking for your perfect buyer. We live and breathe our community and that allows us to market your home to the right people in the right places.

lower costs

When you choose us to assist you with the sale or management of your home, we will disclose all costs upfront That is our promise to you. When we advertise your home, you pay what we pay. We do not “mark up” the price or add any hidden charges you were not expecting. We think that is only fair.

lower overheads

We don’t have a fancy shopfront and that saves us money, therefore that saves you money. Be assured you will still be able to speak with us, meet with us and contact us in any way and at any time.

with your permission

Everything we do throughout the sale process is in consultation with you. We run everything past you and get your written permission before we continue. We will guide you through every step of the process but ultimately you are in control.


Baiting is a marketing technique whereby a property is advertised at a lower price to "attract buyers". Why advertise for $399,00 - $429,000, if your minimum price is $420,000? We believe this is misleading and the buyers it attracts believe they can buy your home at a price lower than you will accept. For this reason we will never employ this technique and will only advertise your home honestly to attract genuine buyers who can afford your home.