Selling Tips

Pick your Agent

Not all real estate agents are the same.

Standards vary widely according to the principles, practices and culture of the individual agency. Whether it's your home or a real estate investment, all real estate represents the consolidation of much hard work and a major financial asset.

Some benefits of selecting the right agent would be:

  • getting the right price - There can be up to a 10% variation in the selling price according to the expertise of the agent involved. On the sale of a $250,000 home this represents $25,000.
  • Reducing Stress - According to a psychological study, moving home was rated amongst the most highly stressful situations. Working with an agent whom you trust and feel is competent will do much to minimise this stress.
  • Quality of Information - Reliable information is the key to being able to make the correct decision for your needs. You will be relying on your agent for honest feedback and accurate assessment at all stages during the selling process.

Make sure you feel comfortable with the agent you select. You should sense a good level of business acumen, communication and honesty in your dealings with the agent.

If you feel disappointed by the level of service then try somewhere else.

Be realistic with price

Don't assume you can pay for your renovations or achieve what you may have achieved at the market's peak in 2007 - in some areas, prices are still lower than they were at that time, despite recent rises.


Houses should be thoroughly cleaned and de-cluttered. Anything that detracts from a potential sale needs to be thrown out, put in storage or sold. If you don't feel that you can do this successfully get the professionals in, we can recomend companies to provide these services if you need.

The trick is to make the property look comfortable without having too many personal things. If the home is empty you may consider having the home staged for sale, this is where a company comes in and styles your home with furniture, they do charge a percentage of the sale price for this service. Seek your agent's advice on whether a stylist is needed.

Street appeal is the 1st thing a buyer comments on, so it's important to have the front of the property, looking it's best. Make sure the garden is trimmed and tidy, all the paintwork is touched up and all cobwebs are removed.

Do all those little tasks inside, so buyers have confidence the house is in good running repair. Get things like squeaky gates, sticking doors, holes in walls repaired, replace any faulty light bulbs.

Do not be scared to put a pot of coffee on the boil or even bake some muffins, this gives off a warm comfortable aroma that buyers love.....and me!

Sale Progression

When you find that buyer that is offering the right price, you need to be able to move the sale on quickly. It's a good idea to think about settlement periods and what you would be willing to accept. Let your agent know your decisions early on so that time is not wasted when the right offer comes in.